In this period of inactivity, we hope you will enjoy with us, some of our leader’s favourite walks. 

We have organised most based on each of our walking holidays, in the area which we specialise, but some will simply be a leader’s particular favourite. On each page we have tried to tell a story as we walk, for whilst good company, lovely scenery and fabulous walking routes are a given, it is good to get to know about the history/culture/geology on a walk.

So that we can categorize the walks - we have created a small interactive web site for you:

So please enjoy.

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What Others Said...

The guided walking took the pressure off map reading or finding walks and having local knowledge of the area and where to go really was great. The leader was really good, very informative and got us all from A-B without me feeling rushed or ordered about. I felt very safe and trusted his judgement and experience as well as his flexibility to suit the needs of the group. I could not have enjoyed the holiday more

Lindsey Hoyle