Offas 60 - Oswestry to Prestatyn


This Offa's 60 programme is part of a three part trek through the lovely borderlands between Wales and England- following the National trail of Offa's Dyke.

The 2021 holiday is in the northern sectionof approx e 60 miles - hence Offa's 60 - of the Dyke - in the Dee Valley, Clwydian Hills and the hinetrland hills of Prestatyn

Unlike many other walking businesses- we say in one hotel, and we transport you to walks start and from walks finish- leaving you to be in one place, one bed etc for the duration of the trek.

The nothern section of the Offa's Dyke is for five nights and four and a half days of walking.Much of the walking is in Wales

There are several tough sections but also many miles of rolling countryside to enjoy.

Not many people,lots of sheep - much of the trail is on airy upland terrain, sometimes with no human habitation in view - a truly wild place.

 BUT - fantastic walking with our freindly guides to show you the way and tell you about the history, heritage, terrain and geography of and

There are a few difficult, hilly sections on this walk.Whilst we do not walk quickly, thses small sections will be taken at the appropriate pace.

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You matter to us & we promise to provide you with a superb walking & social holiday, tailored specifically to your needs. We provide walking holidays for walkers & as walkers ourselves, we appreciate & understand the requirements of a walking holiday.

What Others Said...

A massive thank you to you, Ian, Tristan and all your brilliant team for another fabulous weekend ! Awesome scenery and what an incredible mix of sunshine and mystical mist up on the hills. You also have a knack of attracting the loveliest, most friendly people on your holidays. Ian is brilliant so dedicated and really ensures we are all well cared for. and Tristan was a great pick too. Weather was amazing too. Thank you to Alan and the entire team for doing what you do. There were a couple of 'never travelled alone before' ladies on the trip, who were a bit nervous to start with, but who both had a great time. I really like the way that you take care of everyone and Barbara gets a special mention here for the lovely welcoming smile and greeting to everyone on arrival See you again soon Paul ps I'm loving my gilet

Paul Russell Shropshire Easter break