Offas 60 - Oswestry to Prestatyn


This Offa's 60 programme is part of a three part trek through the lovely borderlands between Wales and England- following the National trail of Offa's Dyke.

The 2021 holiday is in the northern sectionof approx e 60 miles - hence Offa's 60 - of the Dyke - in the Dee Valley, Clwydian Hills and the hinetrland hills of Prestatyn

Unlike many other walking businesses- we say in one hotel, and we transport you to walks start and from walks finish- leaving you to be in one place, one bed etc for the duration of the trek.

The nothern section of the Offa's Dyke is for five nights and four and a half days of walking.Much of the walking is in Wales

There are several tough sections but also many miles of rolling countryside to enjoy.

Not many people,lots of sheep - much of the trail is on airy upland terrain, sometimes with no human habitation in view - a truly wild place.

 BUT - fantastic walking with our freindly guides to show you the way and tell you about the history, heritage, terrain and geography of and

There are a few difficult, hilly sections on this walk.Whilst we do not walk quickly, thses small sections will be taken at the appropriate pace.

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You matter to us & we promise to provide you with a superb walking & social holiday, tailored specifically to your needs. We provide walking holidays for walkers & as walkers ourselves, we appreciate & understand the requirements of a walking holiday.

What Others Said...

Hi Alan Just to say thankyou again for our excellent week at the Metropole. We were all pleased with the hotel as you predicted, we were lucky with the weather, but most of all we appreciated you both tailoring each day to our needs. The Elan tour and waterfall were good, Harrison was friendly and gave us good journeys, as did the two Buchanons drivers,and even the people in the shops in LLandod and Crickhowel took time to serve us totally differently to what we're used to ! The students in Crickhowell even spoke to us and moved to one side so we could share the pavement - unknown at this end of the country. Surprise, surprise, Llangollen/Chester won the vote on the coach for next year, so would be grateful for some costings for the holiday next year, please, again sun - fri, same time of year, but have asked Mike the date of their festival next year in case there is a clash. Do hope you didn't swelter on the SW coast path yesterday and today - we took 15 of our group on the local steam railway today with a short walk to oldest wooden church, and really noticed the heat at last. So thanks again, and all the best for the coast path, Yvonne

Yvonne Thomas Epping Forest